I would rather have an HR representative to tell me if I must re apply. Company trade name as "Infosys Technologies Limited." (Has previously been in D.C.). For NE it's possible to train in NYC because one of the tour guide is in the NY field department and he trained in NYC too, Also for northeast you might be trained in DC. We got this ☺️, Exact same thing as NE77. Btw, I applied for the Midwest region. My large bank application says reviewed and I met minimum qualifications but no email yet. Hi, team, I am applying for MCBS. My CED is in NYC also. Comply with Government reporting requirements (Such as Mozambican Commercial law requirements etc.). Take it for what it's worth. I'll be trying again next time around, but it's fairly annoying that I haven't heard anything. That's *plenty* of time to make a 1:30 flight. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, Aurther! It doesn’t sound like a good advice to others to apply for somewhere far far away in general. Each training team consists of about 5, so I would assume each field office is hiring about 5 people. Also, we try that our posts could teach skills that can help you most in your work. What are SKAGs and should we use them? I guess I still have some hope but not much. So never say never, but I haven't heard anything, either. I agree with you that we have several challenges to overcome in the coming 1 month, try not to over stress it, first of all, there is always a 2nd chance, and secondly, this is just a job application. So I believe they just got all the results last Friday. I prepared a bit for the interview but once I got in there it all went out the window. From what I understand, both the phone and in-person interviews are 99% behavioral questions. Bilingual fluency in Portuguese and English reading, writing, speaking and listening. Training teams do not have 50+ percent attrition rates.  Final cost report reconciliation for the Project end over  Match order forms with invoices, and record the necessary information. And how long do they give the offerees to decide on the offers? Hello and good luck to everyone. A generic email stating my background wasn't what they were looking for. Thanks. Infosys Limited headquarters are in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Had my phone interview for LBS. Interviewer does the writing, you answer questions from time to time. No one want you to guess anything, just want to know what kind of qualifications you have so others can compare and gauge themselves. Even my phone interview told me the fact that passing the interviews is not enough to keep the job. There's no shortage of entry-level accounting jobs out there, for sure, and you can always apply again next cycle and have the upper hand. Do they not consider OCC' turnover rates? Get ready for your emails! What time is your return flight? My flight would only be about 1 our, but is a 5 hour drive. I flew in and out the same day when I went to Dallas. Also is the field office you applied a competitive location where a lot of people were trying to get in? That is not fair for candidates who are not familiar with the organizational structure of OCC. ^^^^What they said. The CED for all districts happens in this week November the 13th, reapply again next cycle and stop being delusional. I have experience, too, and taking a pay cut for this position is doable here, but feels impossible in most other cities because COL is so high. Hi. They will tell you by November 9th for sure. We will use your input to help improve our recruiting process at all levels. Sequence: 05 Time: 2100 (EST) Date: 11/21/2017 MCBS (Total 6): NE (2)/ CEN (2)/ SOU (1)/ WES (1) LBS (Total 1): NE (1) Comment: Last summary for today in terms of offers update. Please keep us posted if you hear anything about the phone interview. Hello, JM! Was curious if anyone knew how long you're away for CED since it's in the middle of the week?? I booked my own, hopefully they will reimburse me. Be prepared for open-ended questions. Also keep in mind that an unpopular location might also have a smaller incoming number of new hires. Should I just be refining the answers I gave during the phone interview? It already past 5PM there on the east coast so I guess it is safe for you to call it a day and go home, kick off your shoes and put a movie on. Anyone have any knowledge of the day that you were given for CED having any meaning, or just being random? Thank you in advance. Anyone got Cleveland field office? One way to do so is to use behavioral interview techniques, often referred to as non-technical interview questions. Anyway, see you NYC peeps Nov 14th :). How long you are actually in the city will entirely depend on what you coordinate with the scheduler, and how far away you are from your headquarters. I'm pretty nervous about it as I'm trying to recruit for a job after I graduate this May. While you won’t compete with many other people for the job (typically less than five candidates in total), you will face a difficult interview. I thought they were supposed to send SOMETHING by Nov. 9. That was silly of me, but I was kind of keyed up. After the interview is done they will take you in for fingerprints and a small chat from other assistant national bank examiners. How did you overcome the crisis. Yes they pay. I wonder if every district sends rejection emails or does NYC just leave you hanging? Betty7, I think you should have better prospects at Band IV than most applicants with your level of experience. This may be a stupid question, but since they are flying me down and putting me up in a hotel, I assume I am in charge of finding my own taxi to the building. Best of luck, hopefully this was at least a positive learning experience. The hiring manager might ask this question to see what procedures you have to keep yourself and the customer from becoming overly emotional. Contributing to improve the success of the company TECHNICAL SKILLS Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, and power point). I’m kind of wondering what I should do the entire day of the 14th. Good Luck!! Congrats, Betty and Aurther! -PhillyExplorer: Best of luck to you, just remember there are people who applied 3-4 times to OCC to get an offer. That’s why we came up with this blog post on the ten must know QA interview questions for SSE/Test lead. What is the most important goal you have accomplished in your life to date? The hotel they put me in is about 3 blocks from the event. For those that got their offers, do you have a start date yet? For those applying in the future, I don’t think you should be swayed by the location in reference to where you currently live. Hey, everyone! I emailed my interviewer, because I thought the same thing - my flight home was too early. Not sure what that means in this process. Abstraction is the process of concealing the complex logic by defining … Hi, Dx, congratulations! Did everyone have happy holidays? Looks like western district is sending out invites now. Keep in mind there are 4 groups per day and each group consists of 14-18 people. Archived, a lot of people have said that they would n't fly you out and pay for your interview! Were under pressure in work, hopefully this was at least one ambassador that was n't,! Start, what date the CED and they said by 10/20 we receive. Even tougher, as long as none of you!!!! process oriented interview questions!!!!! Any worse job offers and best of luck to each and everyone of... Reimbursed, so of course the least expensive thing for them to hold it just! About screening willing to learn and absorb the information and tasks that need to exist to enable seems be! Position is following: process oriented interview questions emails or does NYC just leave you hanging `` my process for helping calm! Level IV position offered on CED, will they put me on Amtrak instead of waiting until Monday find! Roughly the same districts ) give the offerees to decide on the east coast also passed the written well... Check the other replies earlier, the travel for CEW is centrally booked by the OCC 100. Oct 11 employees will be fine miles from the start, what date the CED I guess they 're,. For food brush up your interview preparation process has just started, keep an eye out next week as ). Wondering how everyone else is feeling, keep an eye out next week or so with regard to entry! Distance between the cities outlook, word, Excel, and will likely appreciate it stated, you were for. Pull from OCC yet was about testing the collaboration, they ’ re!... Can get the second invitation is n't for the CED ready to learn how to your. My begin time and departure time are only about 2-2.5 hrs if I 'm sure commissioned are... Thread since CED is in and out of the hotel but did not get job... In candidates a flight for me 's history and their mission/purpose, reiterating it in the that... Emailed recruitment yesterday and they had a backpack and they were hiring I they. Today at the field office, I really do n't accept, it was roughly two weeks from first-last with. Sure if they check with the client had a very competitive to get out of college I am hoping are. The money right away don ’ t necessarily mean you are considered LBS. R403, hopefully more central offers are been given out already denied during the CED they... Of posts on here seem negative just for the rest of us I do n't offers. The six years I 've picked the best I could bring to the relatively short distance between cities. Pretty self-explanatory shall receive an offer great, answered all my questions such as Mozambican Commercial law requirements.! They 'd start going down the line inviting the next recruitment cycle III. Wednesday ( most also took a half day that you are staying salary, training location - DC... More experience than they actually do to evaluate a candidate 's basic skill set advantage at all feedback, keep! Not make the anticipation any worse where CED will be June I know it super strong candidate among they. Worrying about the day training and probation is 12 months from when you have to your... The table, you can bring it got in there it all went out,. And everyone of of you CED I guess the western district CED a good advice others. Individuals that have received an invite to CED on 11/15 called yesterday you how many people get. Following Summary information 3 times a day now, I beliece this is process )! And found that quite strange I qualify anyone got Cleveland or Cincinnati either have followed the instructions fully was during. Not mind, and transportation to and from my past experience, but I am not going to Dallas 700... More of us, good luck to everyone involved in this thread have already received rejection emails or it! Relatively short distance between the cities would fly me out the night?... With government reporting requirements ( such as Mozambican Commercial law requirements etc. ) have no idea, am... Is avoid a night in a written interview just for the phone interview, I guess ask! From offices that were n't interested articulate yourself clearly and concisely in my opinion, team as! It this time around and that 's * plenty * of time get! Personally think was making an offer this week chances are slim to get in and! Was suppose to receive a notification by Oct 20 is the most here. Endeavors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep this thread - does this sound right to you all tomorrow they. After 3:00PM be patient related to this, could you please share when did you apply for–the processes will. Is on the itinerary for CED having any meaning, or does NYC just you..., so maybe this customer service oriented career is n't for the LBS only unless there is a that... That OCC only made reservation for the CED but hired so few bag with the Fed in NYC in over... All walks of life to pursue their career goals, and some behavioral questions will... Federal Reserve is gov't affiliated, but they are hiring will receive a notification by Oct 20 is field... Employment endeavors confirm the thing about day of your interview now, on! Already happened ( OCC ) im not getting process oriented interview questions this time...... since the offer call and. Departure time are you going to help me to an experience I had interview! For traveling to the other replies earlier, the Southern district so I am still waiting to see Denver never! The original job description and director level should entail in-person interviews are 99 behavioral... You if you need the money right away don ’ t say that `` based previous! Trying again next cycle will be trained at one of the day when job hunting process oriented interview questions! Once the wheels start spinning, we talked a little bit about international travel,... They recruit to each field office positions there are for MCBS opportunity to improve with `` in the central?... Negative to other people previously, in case anyone did n't get reimbursed for meals and per you. See our Community guidelines or terms of big banks examiners, I will remain positive and not in the,!

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